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Maddelynn Hatter

Hey there. Welcome to my Mad Diary. My name is Maddelynn Hatter, but you can call me Maddie. Come, sit at my big table, and drink tea with me. I will tell you some stories that are highly entertaining, triggering (eek), twisted, maddening, and wildly inappropriate. Get ready to either laugh, cry, cringe, or be offended.

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Welcome to 100 Men, 7 Years

A Mad Diary

Welcome to 100 Men, 7 Years, a psychologically twisted blog about relationships, madness, and sexuality. 100 Men, 7 Years is based on real-life experiences. It is twisted, edgy, sometimes funny, and wildly inappropriate, so I hope you are ready to be offended. It's crazy as hell. 

​These stories are not only mine but of many women whom I have met on my journey. I challenge you to read with an open mind. If something triggers you, ask yourself why it does. And if it makes you laugh, ask yourself if you can relate. If this makes you cry, the truth can be hard sometimes, and it can rise when you least expect it.

***Maddelynn Hatter is a fictional character. These stories are based on true events but names portrayed in these stories are fictional. No real identities will be revealed.

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