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I am a collector of stories. I have read many stories. Listened to thousands of people's stories in my profession. Written and dreamed of so many stories. I love stories.

I am collecting any stories you would like to share with me as I share mine. I love to collect text messages from dating apps and exploit the humor on my Instagram. Please feel free to share your story. I would love to listen, and if you want me to share, I will anonymously.

September 8th 2022

I find it incredible when I’m traveling or just being in a place and a woman comes up to me and begins talking about toxic relationships, dating, and how they just left their partner so they can start to focus on their selves and have a better life away from the abuse and the narcissism.

I empower women in these situations, and I just met a woman who told me all about her situation. I got to challenge her to go for a different type of guy who isn’t her type but would treat her well. I listened, empathized, and said, “girl, I’ve been there!”

I wished her well, and she says she is focused on building herself back up and choosing better for herself.

It’s no coincidence that as I step into being a dating coach and dating blogger and continue to empower women through my chapter in a book that’s coming out in Oct….this is my calling.

This is what I want to do! Empower and help women to learn what healthy looks like in relationships and also help heal the trauma that keeps them stuck.

This is my passion. Because I know the freedom that comes with this empowerment, I’ve also been able to pick better and be loved healthily. It has been life-changing.

Anyways…I’ve been traveling home from Peru for about 30 hours now. I’m at my last mode of transportation (Union Station in Chicago) and hope to be home by 8 pm so I can sleep in my bed. ❤️

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